The Stone Gallery

The Stone Yard LLC carries a wide selection of unique stone items. Some of the items include onyx lights, stone column lights, stone wine racks, hand turned wooden bowls, and very unique close up canvas pictures of stone specimens.

Onyx Lights

These Stone Lights are made of Onyx, each light has its own beautiful characteristics. When illuminated they bring a warm elegant feel to any home.

Stone Artwork

These are microscopic size images of beautiful stone specimens. They have been blown up and printed on canvas to create unique art.

Wooden Bowls

Hand crafted wooden bowls are beautiful pieces of art that add a great show piece to any home. Each bowl is very different and has it's own beauty and style. Many different species of wood are used to create these unique bowls.

Wine Racks

Stone wine racks are made from dendrite column rocks, or chocolate onyx. These wine racks are hand crafted at our store, we can make them to your specifications.