Landscaping Rock

We carry a wide variety of clean decoration rock. We have a large selection of river rock and crushed rock, in all sizes. All stone is sold by the ton or partial ton, and we conveniently have a large scale to weigh any vehicle or truck. Each material is differently priced so please Contact Us for pricing.

1 1/2"Bird Egg Rock

3"Bird Egg Rock

4-8"Bird Egg Rock

Blue Pea Gravel

3/4"Blue River Rock

2"Blue River rock

3-8"Blue River Rock

Natural Pea Gravel

1"Natural River Rock

1 1/2"Natural River Rock

2 1/2"Natural River Rock

3/4" Scoria

1 1/2" Scoria

Lava Rock

3/4"Rainbow Rock

1 1/2"Rainbow Rock

1 1/2"Black Rock

1 1/2"Butter Rock

1 1/2"Gold Ore

3"Gold Ore

Gold Ore Columns

Column Lights